3 Class Series

The crystal is a living being, vibrating faster than the speed of light. It is not a solid; it is sound, ether, concretized. The crystal is a conscious being that has taken a particular form to resonate the basic sound of creation. There is a message in these stones, there is a message in our hearts. The symmetry of these crystal structures points to the symmetry of this universe. As in music, everything in creation is moving, and its flow is a song of jubilation. We are now in the process of changing from one key to another. People are awakening to the song of inherent joy and appreciation of life, recognizing that in this moment the song can fully resound.

Work with crystals to harmonize
mind, body & spirit.

Participate via Zoom video livestream or by phone
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Sunday, June 9
1pm - 2:30pm EST
90 mins

citrine crystal

Sunday, June 16
1pm - 2:30pm EST
90 mins

quartz crystal

Sunday, June 30
1pm - 2:30pm EST
90 mins

amethyst crystal

Raise your Vibration, Expand your Awareness, Accelerate Healing, Develop your Creativity, Clear old Pain & Disappointment, Feel More Empowered & Attract Abundance


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Register and Receive the recordings and transcripts for review at any time.

About Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is an internationally respected teacher and coach who has guided hundreds of students and clients to personal and professional transformation. She is the CEO of Beautyway Productions, founder and spiritual director of Sunray Meditation Society and Sunray Peace Village, and the author of 108 Quotations: A Treasury of Mystical Wisdom, Voices of Our Ancestors, and Learning Cherokee Ways - The Ywahoo Path. Her life has been dedicated to awakening wisdom and inspiring exponential growth for the individuals and communities she works with.

Venerable Dhyani was introduced to a sacred crystal kept by elders in her early childhood and she continues to explore the conversation of crystal, earth, sky and consciousness. She, with others, has energized a crystal network that supports health and transmutation and stabilization of the mind that permeates all.

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