EMPATHY: A Course for Empaths and Sensitive People

Do you feel other people's sorrow?
Do you walk into a room and feel the immediate need to leave or stay?
Do you wake up in a joyful mood and then meet someone and your mood changes?

Empathy is recognizing the interrelationship of oneself with the environment, perceiving the emotions, the thought trends, that are flowing in the atmosphere. It is a quality of a compassionate, courageous, human being, but for some, the rate of information flow can appear overwhelming.

If you've been feeling the call towards deepening the exploration and understanding of your empathic gifts, the opportunity awaits you.

This course will share techniques to clarify and modulate the rate of information flow so that one is not overwhelmed and can choose the information they care to respond to.

For sensitive people who feel the world, explore the Magic and resonance of water. Learn to walk in the world and perceive the medicine of renewal. Learn how to root oneself in the moment by exploring the energy of the Earth and the trees. Observe that emotional patterns, thought forms, relationships, are transmuted revealing the elixir of understanding ensconced within each appearance. Learn how to create pathways that nurture the wisdom within oneself and others through the clarity of one's speech and thought, recognizing that our voice sets into motion, ripples in the sea of experience.

Registration in this Special Course includes:

✵ Downloadable Video & Audio Files of the Intro to Empathy class + Three 90 Minute Classes so you Can Review the Teaching at Your Own Pace at Any Time ✵

✵ Beautifully Crafted Transcripts of all Classes ✵

✵ 36 page Course for Empaths Study Material ✵

✵ Special gift of Giving Birth to the Wisdom Being That You Are ✵



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About Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is an internationally respected teacher and coach who has guided thousands of students and clients to personal and professional transformation. She is the CEO of Beautyway Productions, founder and spiritual director of Sunray Meditation Society and Sunray Peace Village, and the author of 108 Quotations: A Treasury of Mystical Wisdom, Voices of Our Ancestors, and Learning Cherokee Ways - The Ywahoo Path. Her life has been dedicated to awakening wisdom and inspiring exponential growth for the individuals and communities she works with.

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